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A net curtain which had been taken from Hassan's home was used to form handloops to strangle or bind her, the court was told.A post-mortem examination which was carried out on her body at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Aylesbury, revealed that there was no alcohol in her body at the time of her death.The unidentified man and woman were found inside their house in Braithwaite - one of the towns hardest hit after flood waters topped a nearby levee - following a report to authorities that they had apparently not escaped as the town was ravaged by the storm.In some areas, Isaac, which has been downgraded to a tropical depression after winds dropped to 35 mph, dumped as much as 16 inches of rain.Her new relationship sparked a series of stalking incidents which ended in her death, Reading Crown Court was told.

The jury was also told a pathologist found bruising to her arms 'consistent with forceful gripping' and marks around her wrists and right ankle that would be consistent with restraint or binding.

The trip to the Crowne Plaza hotel with another man was the final insult.'It may be that having killed the woman with whom he had become utterly fixated and faced with the prospect of being prosecuted for her murder, the defendant Ali genuinely made an attempt on his life on that Monday morning.'Mr Blake said that the defence maintained that not only did he want to die on the morning of September 19 but that Ms Sadowska had also wanted to die.

He said the defence claim he killed her as part of a suicide pact rather than out of his jealousy, frustration and inability to let her go.

Drenched: Nick George stands in the Tangipahoa River after Hurricane Isaac passed through Kentwood, Louisiana.

Officials had ordered a widespread evacuation of the area after a dam threatened to burst The growing waters sparked fear on Thursday when officials ordered the immediate evacuation of 60,000 people in the area of Kentwood, along the Louisiana-Mississippi border as a swollen river threatened to break a dam.

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